Community Mental Health and Psychiatry Clinic

The Community Mental Health and Psychiatry (CMHP) clinic was founded in 2004 and partially funded by the European Union (EU) for the first two years. The core function of the CMHP clinic is to provide primary health care to service users with a long-term psychiatric diagnosis.

Although the primary health care function mainly remains the responsibility of government in terms of the National Mental Health Act, CMHP was faced with inadequate access to these services which are heavily stretched and in some catchment areas or districts almost non-existing. In line with psychiatric rehabilitation principals our residents are encouraged to visit the clinic when necessary just as people in the community do. The CMHP clinic is situated next to House Miles Bowker and the frail care unit.

The clinic is managed by three professional nursing sisters and support staff from 08h00 – 16h00, Monday to Friday with a 24 hour emergency telephone nursing service for registered service users only, operating after hours, 7 days a week.

A good relationship exists between the various government clinics and hospitals, to which referrals are made when necessary. With the help of our caregivers, early symptoms are detected and dealt with at our clinic, preventing and minimising admissions to government hospitals.

CMHP Frail Care Centre

Situated in the same building as House Bowker, our CMHP frail care centre provides care and services to our own long term patients who, due to deteriorating health, cannot function in any of our facilities.

Hensie Vroom

Hensie Vroom (Bellville) is a 35 bed facility for severely and profoundly disabled children located on the Stikland Hospital grounds. We offer permanent care to children over 18 and respite care to children under 18.

Bowker House

Bowker House (Bellville) is a 66 bed frail care facility for psychiatric patients located on the Stikland Hospital Grounds. It was named after Dr Miles Bowker, retired Medical Superintendent of Stikland Hospital, who played a major role in the birth of our homes.


Sonop (Bellville) is a 60 bed facility where long-term psychiatric clients live and work. The name which means "Sunrise" was chosen by the residents themselves, signifying that a new life with new challenges has dawned.

El Roi

Elroi (outside Stellenbosch) is a 25 bed facility for intellectually disabled adults. Residents should be able to do self-care tasks and household chores.

Kerith Retreat

Kerith Retreat (outside Stellenbosch) is a 55 bed facility for long-term psychiatric patients. This project is situated on a farm near the Muldersvlei train station. There is a whole range of service that is offered. Residents should be able to do self-care tasks and household chores.

De La Haye

De La Haye (Bellville) is an ordinary residential home in the community where we offer independent living with supervision and support for high functioning psychiatric patients. It is generally referred to as a New Generation Home.

Harris House

Harris House (in Strand) is a 45 bed facility for long-term psychiatric adults who can function well in the community, but with a level of care and support. These residents have formed closely knitted support for one another, with each resident having their own responsibility to ensure the smooth running of the facility. Harris House is in walking distance from the beach.