Community Mental Health Foundation Academy

Community Mental Health Foundation Academy offers a One-year Care Giving Course, which focuses on the caring of psychiatric and intellectually disabled adults and dual disabled children. The purpose of this course is to develop the knowledge and skills of the students in the daily caring of people with these disabilities.

What are the Requirements?

People at the age of 20 and up and those with previous experience in this field will receive preference. The minimum academic requirement is Grade 10. Candidates must be physically and mentally healthy. They must be willing to work with psychiatric adults, elderly in need of frail care, and intellectually disabled adults and children. They will live and work at the homes of the organisation as part of their practical training.
Community Mental Health and Psychiatry Foundation
Community Mental Health and Psychiatry Foundation

Who pays for my studies and do I get paid for my services?

An affordable registration fee is payable by students. Selected students automatically qualify for non financial scholarships, however do not receive any imbursements for the work they do, which forms part of their practical and internship.
How can I apply?
Application for the course can be done on line here ........ or emailed to Attached with the application must be a summarized CV, a motivational letter stating why the student is applying for this course, 2 ID photos and a copy of Identification Document.
Community Mental Health and Psychiatry Foundation
Community Mental Health and Psychiatry Foundation
Community Mental Health and Psychiatry Foundation

Step 1 Personal Information


Step 2 Personal Information




Step 3 Bank Besonderhede/Banking Details:




Questionaire 1

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Step 7 Temperament Inventory

Here are some questions about the way you think, feel and behave in different situations. Next to each question is a space for answering 'yes' or 'no' or '?', meaning 'i don't know, only sometimes'. Decide in what way you usually act or feel when you are alone, in the presence of your partner or immediate family. Try and answer in the way you would have reacted in your early twenties. This will give you a better indication of your natural temperament. Work quickly and do no spend time on any one question. Your first reaction is usually more accurate than a long, drawn out thought process. Try and answer 'yes or no' as much as possible. Mark '?' only when you are really not sure or when the truth is really in between. Make sure that you answer every question and remember, there are no right and wrong answers. This is not a test of your ability or maturity, but simply a pointer to the way you think, feel and act. Please continue to the next page to start the questions.

Do You Normally Eat Faster Than Other People Even When There Is No Reason To Hurry?


When People Generally Give You A Compliment, Do You Generally Believe Them?


Would You Generally Prefer To Stay Home And Do Your Own Thing, Rather Than Go Visiting Friends?


Do You Sometimes Feel That You Don't Care What Happens To You?


When Catching A Train, Bus Or A Plane, Do You Arrive At The Last Minute?


Are You Usually Easy Going And Not Easily Agitated?


Do You Usually Think Carefully Before Deciding Anything?


Do You Become Irritated Quickly When Things Are Not In Their Proper Place?

9   Do You Often Gesticulate With Your Hands When You Talk To Someone?

10   Do You Find It Relatively Easy To Keep Your Emotions Under Control?


Are you often suspicious of other people's motives?

12   Do you frequently feel that people frown upon the things that you do and say?

13   When driving a car, do you often get frustrated in slow-moving traffic?

14   Are you totally satisfied with your physical appearance?

15   Do you normally find it difficult to go up to strangers at a social gathering and introduee yourself?

16   Do you often feel restless, as though you are lookin9 for something but you're not sure what?

17   Do people who drive very cautiously generally get on your nerves?

18   Do you generally make up your own mind regardless of what other people might think of your decisions?

19   When you want to buy an expensive article, can you normally save up for it patiently?

20   Do you have some bad habits that you sometimes feel you ought to have discarded long ago?

21   Do other people usually know what you are thinking and feeling?

22   Would you say that on the whole you are satisfied with your life up to now?

23   Do you plan most of your activities well ahead of time?

24   Do you generally spend a good deal of time worrying over financial matters?

25   Do you usually show impatience when someone has kept you waiting?

26   When you feel downhearted, do you normally try to find someone to cheer you up?

27   Would you generally prefer to see a documentary rather than a comedy on TV?

28   Are you frequently bothered by a guilty conscience?

29   Do you often find that when you have crossed a busy street, you have left your companions on the other side?

30   When you have made a social blunder, can you normally forget about it quite easily?

31   Would you generally keep your opinions to yourself if you thought it might upset someone present?

32   When you see a picture on the wall hanging skew, do you usually have difficulty in concentrating until it has been put straight?

33   Do you think it pointless to analyse your own thoughts and feelings regularly?

34   Do you usually have specific goals and a definite sense of direction in your life?

35   If someone in a social group expresses a point of view that differs from yours, would you normally keep quiet rather than tell them that you disagree?

36   Do you often feel that there isn't much in your life that you can be proud of?

37   Are you usually very talkative when you are with people whom you know

38   Do you generally feel that your life is useful and contributes to society?

39   When buying an electrical appliance, do you usually read the guarantee before making the purchase?

40   Do you frequently prefer to do a task yourself rather than delegate it to someone else in the fear that they might not do it as well as you would?

41   Do you often say and do things on the spur of the moment?

42   When you have done something wrong, can you normally forget about it quickly and focus on the future?

43   Are you generally inclined to be deliberate and unhurried in your actions?

44   Do you at times keep quiet for fear that people might criticize or laugh at your point of view?

45   Do you often tell jokes and funny stories to your friends?

46   Does your future on the whole seem promising and bright to you?

47   Do you frequently think about the past and the course that your life might have taken?

48   After you have completed an important task, do you often feel that you should have done it better?


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